FoodSaver 4840 Vacuum Sealer Reviews

FoodSaver 4840 Vacuum Sealer Reviews


For all savvy food aficionados out there, there is a spanking new model of the famous FoodSaver line of vacuum sealers. If you like to dig up other user opinions online, you would recognize that FoodSaver 4840 has garnered many raving vacuum sealer reviews. Well; I must admit right from the outset that I always fancy FoodSaver vacuum sealers. That in itself should not come as a surprise. My last vacuum sealer (which unfortunately fell off the counter) was also a FoodSaver make. That is why when I replaced it with FoodSaver 4840; I had already formed an image of the best vacuum sealer out there.

Let’s delve into it. FoodSaver 4840 is an all-purpose kitchen gadget. It’s ideal for damp, dry, as well as delicate foodstuff. With 4840, marinating is a snap. While it dons several buttons, don’t worry as its operation is almost exclusively automatic. In a way, all the buttons depict the myriad functions the sealer can execute.

Although some FoodSaver 4840 vacuum sealer reviews were negative, the sealer worked just fine. From marinating to dealing vacuum, everything was seamless.


1. 4840 comprises many bells as well as whistles which mean that the unit tends to be a little hefty. It also dons somewhat complex system thus careful consideration of instruction is recommended.

2. It allows the use of an array of package sizes and styles making it easy to seal dry, wet, and delicate dishes. Just use the right settings.

3. It works with any kitchen appliance; it’s made to last.

4. Feature robust automatic food detection; switches from dry to wet automatically.

5. Has detachable drip tray and runoff LED indicator.

6. Large sealing strip provide more secure, bigger, and tighter seals; this feature allows you to marinate quickly and conveniently.

7. Features smart seal technology – detects the kind of bag automatically; completely automatic closing feature.

8. Delicate sealing made possible by Crush-free instant sealing system.

9. It’s dishwasher-safe; cleaning is a snap.

10. Has roller holder that enables bag roles within an inbuilt storage.

11. Has an ingenious pocket knife that makes customizing bags easy and simple; also has retractable hose that is inbuilt for utilizing with containers, drums, and a raft of other accessories.


● Enables a wide range of sealing

● Cleaning the unit is a snap

● Smart food detection; good wet/dry detection feature

● Can seal large amount of food without any issues

● Has inbuilt pocket knife


● Tends to waste bags

Bottom Line

Like many FoodSaver vacuum sealers, 4840 feature myriad functionalities that garnered a good reception when pit against other vacuum sealer reviews. Perhaps, it’s the best vacuum sealer under $200. In all, the fact that it can marinate quickly makes FoodSaver 4840 the best vacuum cleaner in its price range, and an excellent addition to your kitchen.


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